Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't Let The Pigeon Cross The Road

Today Moutere read the app on Allanah's iPad 'Don't Let The Pigeon Cross The Road'.

Then we drew the pigeon like in the book.


Kush and Tyran said...

Wow that was great! You must have had a lot of fun. That was awesome but what made you want to do this?

From Kush and Tyran at Stonefields School.

Roquia and Portia said...


I love your drawings it's so cool and I also think that they look so cute.I loved the way that you drew your pigeons it looks looks like you three are all pro's at drawing pigeons. I would love it if you gave lessons to us. I'd love it if you drew some more pigeons.

From Roquia and Portia at Stonefields school.

Allanah King said...

Hello Kush and Tyran,

You asked a good question. We were reading the app on the iPad because after lunch we have 'crunch time'. Crunch time is we take a rest from running around at lunch time and sit quietly while the teacher reads a story.

With this app on the iPad though it wasn't very quiet. We got to enter our own funny bits into the story so made it all our own.

It was lots of fun.

Do you guys have an iPad. Maybe you could read the story too.

Thank you for commenting.


Anonymous said...

They look great guys and girls I might have a look at the app !!!
From Summer