Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ormie the Pig

We looked at this fun video and used it as a discussion starter about creativity, resilience and failure. Children wanted to watch it again so here it is.

When you watch it think of how he keeps on trying to achieve his goal. He doesn't give up and tries lots of different ways.

In the comments you may like to think of some different ways Ormie the Pig could try and get the cookies!


Jamie and Elizabeth said...

The Video of Ormie the pig was hilarious. We were cracking up laughing because it was so funny how he tried and tried but Failed again and again and then when he gave up he suddenly got victory with the cookies!!! I bet when the video finshed he chomped up all the cookies and then started to fly again! Our favourite part was when he tried with the suction cups but then failed.
From your friends Jamie and Elizabeth at Melville Intermediate room 5 Hamilton, New Zealand.

Room 4 said...

We are Room 4 at Hamilton East School. We are 5 years old and we loved the movie.
We really liked how Ormie kept trying and trying. We have been learning that making mistakes is a good way to learn things.
We have thought of some other ways Ormie could get the cookies -
I think he should stand on a car to reach the cookies. - Abshir
I think he should push the fridge over. - Joey
I think he should shake the fridge - David
He could use a motorbike and drive up the fridge. -Lizzie
Maybe he could have got someone to help him.

Thanks for sharing your learning with us.
From Room 4
Hamilton East School

Miss Revell said...

Hi Year 4!

Thank you for sharing Ormie the Pig with us. We were so interested in this, because he uses so many Habits of Mind. He was able to Think Flexibly, trying lots of different ways to get the biscuits.

We like how he used his Past Knowledge and Problem Solving skills. We admire his Persistence, and we Found Humour in many of his attempts!

These Habits of Mind will help us reach our goals.

From Marvin's Mindful Monkeys and the Thinking Thermometers, Maraekakaho School.