Saturday, August 06, 2011

Science Fair

Bryn, Frank and Charlie worked on this project. We are proud of our work because it is interesting and has lots of detail in it. We learnt that acid turns the litmus paper red. We found that tap water and milk had the most acid in it.
Rhiannon, Quinten and Lindsay learnt about cleaning stains and what best product removed black currant juice stains. We found out that bleach cleaned the stain the best and shampoo and washing powder hardly cleaned the stain at all.
Zahra, Livi and Sophie A had fun doing this experiment. Our question was. 'What stops apples from going brown?" We found out that lemon juice works the best and white vinegar doesn't work at all.
Maxwell, Mika and Issac found out that wool burnt the fastest out polystyrene, cotton and denim materials. We finished first.
Ewan, Hannah and Kara worked hard on this project. We found out the Handee towels are the most absorbant. Viva was the least absorbant.
Holly, Sophie C and Georgia tried to find out which liquid freeezes the quickest. We found out that orange juice froze the quickest. Lemonade and Coke took the longest time to freeze. We think this is because sugar doesn't freeze well.

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Those boards look AWESOME!!!!