Monday, May 30, 2011

Sophie Won

Sophie won the Year Three and Four age group for our Nelson Photo Competition.

Sophie tells us how she came to take the photo.

"We were sitting inside reading a book when a bird came and whacked itself on the wall. We heard it crash into the wall. It was kind of knocked out. It was a good job our cat, Zukee, wasn't there. Mum picked it up and put it on our tree. I took photos of it with Dad's camera. This was my best photo."

I won a big canvas with my photo on it. Click on this link to see the other winners.


Mrs She said...

Hi Sophie,

I have to agree that your photo is top class photography! Thank you for sharing!

Mrs She.

Room 7 Clifton Tce School said...

Thank you for sharing the story of how this photo came about Sophie. When I read your story I could see a sadness in the bird's eye. I hope the bird was OK! It was very clever of you to grab your camera (well your Dads) and capture the moment. Keep up the good work.
Clifton Tce School

Katy said...

Hi Sophie,

That is a great photo - I love how you have the bird in the bottom left section of the image, it gives room for us to imagine it taking flight off into the direction of the top right and away!

Congratulations on the win!

Ms Gartside

Anonymous said...

I'v got to say it is a great photo


Dawso said...

Hi Sophie,
Wow your photo is amazing! That bird looks so beautiful! The bird looked beautiful. Keep on taking wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

I think that your photo is awesome.

sophie c

Anonymous said...

You did a great job winning Sophie !!!!!