Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golden Bay Trip

I went to Golden Bay (Parapara) which is over the Takaka Hill. I had lots of fun in the sea. I went Sea Biscuiting and swimming - it was really warm! I also went to the Golden Bay A & P show and it was so hot I managed to get through two big bottles of ice cold water in 10 minutes. I had lots to eat such as donuts and hot chips and lots more junk food! The bach had a cool view off the balcony of the sea! I had a great time at Golden Bay and hope to go there some other time! :)

By Georgia O’C

Georgia O'C told me that I should update the blog so I suggested that she do it herself via a shared Google Doc. Clever girl :-)


Moturoa said...

Well done Georgia. Good to see you haven't forgotten how to use Google Docs over the holidays.


Anonymous said...

YAY ME!!!!!

Room 7 Clifton Tce School said...

I enjoyed reading your blog entry Georgia. I used to go to Golden Bay every year when my children were little. We stayed at Takarua which is before Collingwood. I too used to enjoy swimming and going on the biscuit. . My kids and husband would try to go fast round in circles to make me fall off. Haha.... I just held on tight.
We loved to go fishing and caught some big snapper and got ourselves a feed of scallops.
I remember going to the A & P show too. I had a go on the ferry wheel. I didn't enjoy that much even though I'm happy to go on a roller coaster! I think I thought it was a bit unstable. These days we have a bach at Canvas Town so don't get to Golden Bay very often. I hope you can have many more happy times at Parapara and save some more happy memories.

Bruce said...

Hey well done. We love to go to Golden Bay. Hope you can add some more another day.

Barbara said...

Hi Georgia. I am at Matarangi Beach in the North Island. Google it. I like your photo. I like how the light shines through the cabbage tree and you can see the beach behind it. It sounds like you had lots of fun at Golden Bay. I will have to get Allanah to take me next time I visit Nelson. Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton said...

Georgia - I really like that you have written about something that you experienced and I like the fact that you have included the picture with it, it looks lovely, but you will have to answer a question for me, what on earth is 'Sea Biscuiting?' I have never heard of it so I don't know what it is! I imagine it must be fun. Its been really hot everywhere so I am not surprised about needing two big bottles of water! Also Allanh must be thrilled to have clever students posting in the holidays!

Richmond Primary School said...

Wow, you are having a great holiday Georgia. Golden Bay has so many interesting places and activities. My favourite is going out to Farewell Spit.Have you been out there? Sounds like you have been having some very yummy treats as well. Keep up the good work. I love reading the Moruroa Blog.
Mrs Eden Richmond Primary School.

Anonymous said...

Hello Melville Intermediate
Sea Biscuit is a big round blow up thing that you lie down on and hold on to the handles on it and attach a rope from the sea Biscuit to a boat then bat toas you around it really fun thankyou fro asking me that question

MsBee said...

Georgia - what an awesome holiday post! I agree with other readers, the photo really adds to it! I laughed when I saw Mr Webb's comment asking what sea biscuiting is... I wonder what they call it in the North Island. Go you - great post! :)

isaac said...

thank you for showing my big sisters pic