Friday, April 11, 2008


While I was up in Auckland earlier this term at the Learnng At School conference in Rotorua I was given a trial version of this Marvin software by Micosoft. You get to make avatars that you can animate and make speak. I think it is very cool. What do you think?

It is taking ages to upload as I have used all of my 10GB of broadband allowance for the month so I am on dial-up speeds.

Miss K


Anonymous said...

I think it is great. The younger students would love it. My older ones probably would too. Is it an expensive program to purchase? It may have taken a long time to upload but it did not take long to appear on my computer screen. Have you tried it with any classes yet? Guess it could be used like vokis except that it appears you can insert them into still images.

Moturoa said...

I believe registration for Marvin is about $200 for five years worth for a smallish school.

The creatures actually play on your computer screen and you can have multiple creatures interact with each other.

I might have another play with it in the school holidays and see what else I can come up with.

@achurches says his secondary school student love it. It would be great to see what people come up with when they have more time to play with the full set of avatars. You can evidently record your own voice as well.

Thanks for your interest.


kieran said...

It looks MINT I'm gonna have a go on it

Moturoa said...


Next time I'm out your way I will drop you in the demo CD and you can have a good play with it.

Allanah K

kieran said...

Do you have to pay, because I tried to get on to it but it said somthing about paying

kieran said...

cool thanks

Moturoa said...

You do have to pay for it but I can give you the demonstration disk- it doesn't have all the characters but I am sure you will enjoy it.

Allanah K

micharl/teachernz said...

It's now free...