Sunday, February 03, 2008

A New Challenge for 2008

I have just had a exciting new job offer to work as an ICT facilitator helping teachers teach Information Communication Technology in schools in the Tasman district for one year.

So to do that I have taken leave from Appleby for the 2008 school year. I know I will miss the daily interactions with children, parents and staff at Appleby but I know I will enjoy the new challenges of teaching teachers about all the exciting things we have been doing in our classroom- all about blogging, podcasting and learning with other classes of children around the world.. I will pass by Appleby School on my way to work so will be sure to drop in and see how you are all going.

I intend to keep adding interesting links to this blog from time to time to keep it ticking over but in the meantime do check out our fantastic student bloggers who have been adding content to their blogs over the holidays- Oscar, Kieran, Nathan, Miriam, Nicole and Kyle in Blogmeister.

Take care for 2008 and I will be back at Appleby in 2009.

Miss K

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Aspen said...

Miss K,

I see that you are on leave, but perhaps you will consider this.

I’m a graduate student in the U.S. and I’m working on my Masters paper: “How are teachers using blogs in education?”

I would love to send you a brief questionnaire, if you have time to answer it.

If you’re interested please email me at: