Thursday, August 02, 2007

Brittany's Puppies

These are Brittany's puppies. The one that Jack is holding is called Big Boy. It is his nick-name because he is so fat. They are cute because they are so little. The puppies are 3 weeks old. The one that Brittany is holding is called Squeaker. The one that Miriam, Kieran and Brittany are holding together is really cute. We like all of the puppies.


Moturoa said...

There two pichures of jack sorry


Zara said...

Hey Guys,
Zara From B.P.S once again! those puppys are soooo cute! My cat had kittens but I havent seen puppys that young before but they are just so cute!!!
Well I will Be Back Soon ;) :) :P :D
Zara B.P.S

Moturoa said...

Hi there everyone,

I took the extra photo of Jack off- Sorry Jack but I thought I was seeing two identical twins.

Brittany's puppies are really cute. they would be all soft and round.

It is good to see you all in the photos- you are looking good.

See you

Miss K

Mr Harrington said...

From Mr H in Wales - the puppies look really cute :)
Keep on Blogging :)

Zara said...

Zara again
Thanks Miss K for the link the website was great i learn heap more new stuff and got heaps of pictures!
Thanks again! ;) :) :P :D

Mrs. Sullivan said...

Those puppies are so cute. I am working on getting your letters out to my students. we are all on summer vacation for 4 more weeks.
Mrs. Sullivan