Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Frances' South Island Holiday

When Mum, Dad and I went on a holiday around the South Island we saw lots of things like we went to Puzzle World, glaciers and we saw keas and rivers.

This is me gold panning with my family. I found little specks of gold.

This is Mum and I at Wanaka Lake. We were going to do the paddle boats but we didn't have enough time.

This is me at Puzzle World. I am so strong!!! I can hold up a building. The clock worked too. It was great.

This is one of kea at the glacier. A kea is a beautiful New Zealand parrot. They are very friendly.

This is one of the glaciers we saw. They were awesome, cold and huge.

Here I am by the glaciers. I am having a big rest because of all the walking.

By Frances


Elliott's Space said...

that picture of you holding the building looks really really cool

By Elliott

Moturoa said...

You had a fabulous holiday all around the South Island. All of your photos were excellent. The scenery ones looked stunning.

I would have liked to see the kea as close up as you did. I think kea are great- cheeky too.

I didn't realise that you were strong enough to hold up a whole building.

Miss K

CMichaels86 said...

It looks like you had a great time on the South Island. Puzzle World looks like a very fun and interesting place. It reminds me of the Dells in Wisconsin.

Mr. Michaels

Anonymous said...

It certainly looks as if you had a fabulous time on your holiday - the picture of the kea was excellent - keep up the good work.

Mr Harrington and Class 3H Cefn Fforest Primary School

Anonymous said...

cool I like it from shania.

Anonymous said...

I want to now what kea eat,hunt and where kea migrate

Moturoa said...

Keas eat grubs and worms.

People are not allowed to hunt kea as the are special birds. Other animals like rats, stoats and falcons try and eat them.

Keas do not migrate. They live up in the mountain glaciers.

There are about 10,000 keas in NZ but they are found nowhere else in the world.

By Frances