Friday, September 15, 2006

Tyler, Lara and Emily make a podcast

What an excellent effort the children made with their podcast this week.

Braden has become an expert and managed the whole procedure from the start to the completed podcast. The group managed to compose the photos, crop and enhance them as required, insert them into a podcast track, add graphics, load the USB microphones, rehearse and record the podcast and edit it as needed. The girl's voices were lovely and clear this week too. All without me being in the room! I will be able to retire soon and put my feet up. Maybe it went particularly well because the noisey Year Fives were at Kiwisports in Brightwater all day. LOL

To hear the podcast either click on the link below or go to the school website.


Waimea class said...

Summer thought the lion had a good roar.
Grace said the lion was a bit scary.
We would like to read that story.

Anonymous said...

Cool podcast.

Anonymous said...

I think the pod-cast is absolutely fantastic, I want to come
back to school myself.
thank you
John (Fynn's Dad)

Anonymous said...

they all did very well.