Friday, May 12, 2006

Jordan's experiment

For homework this week we had to pick a landform and talk about it. Jordan did a talk about volcanic eruptions. Then she made a volcano out of paper mache and made it erupt. It was so cool!!! We all enjoyed the talks.

Lara also did a talk on volcanoes and she had a experiment to go with it. Lara made her volcano out of clay and made it explode as well. It was awsome hearing all of the talks.

By Raven and Jordan


Moturoa said...

Jordan's volcano was awesome.

themadkiwi said...

Hi kids,
My class and I viewed your website to day on our brand new smart board. It is like having a giant screen tv in in our classroom. Unfortunately our website blocked us from viewing your blogg but I wanted to let you know that we are all jealous of the wonderful activities that you are able to do at your school. Your trip to the caves looked like a real adventure!
Say hi to Miss King from me.
Jane Fairweather

Moturoa said...

We thought the talks were very exciting!!!
Ruby and Nathan