Friday, April 28, 2006

A new student teacher

Since Denise Lee has been with us she has been a big, big help with everything and we like her a lot. She has taught us a game called Buzzy Bee and we played a fun game of netball with her. Denise came from the U.K and came to New Zealand in 2001. She has been teacher-aide at Henley for three years. She came to our class on the last day of Term One when we went on the trip to town.

By Elliott and Jackson P


Anonymous said...

I think Denise has made an excellent start to her teaching practice at Appleby School.

Miss K

FamilyHappenings said...

You really look like you are enjoying your time at Appleby School Denise.
You are lucky to be in Miss K's class, bet you are learning lots and lots of things.

Keep up the good work!